Rod Lurie interview

In this week’s episode, we talked to director of The Outpost, Rod Lurie, about making The Outpost as well as some of his other work.

Patrick talks about the Amazon Prime movie I See You. Jeff talks about Rod Lurie’s Filmography to lead into the interview.

Trailers discussed:

Video Game Movie episode

In this episode we take a break from our weekly talk to discuss video games that have been adapted into movies. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Jeff plays a game with Patrick and we talk about our top 10 favorites.

Below are the Top 5 movies per Rotten Tomato:

69% Pokémon: Detective Pikachu


64% Rotten Tomato score


52% Rotten Tomato score


51% Rotten Tomato Score


46% Rotten Tomato score

The Outpost/Becky (Episode 50!!)

In this episode we talk about our first watch party watching the Adam Sandler Netflix comedy who done it Murder Mystery. We also talk about it being our 50th episode. We also cover some great movies as well.

Trailers discussed :

Artemis Fowl/The Mandela Effect

Parental Advisory Movie Podcast Feed

This week we learn about the pain that Jeff went through watching the train wreck that is Artemis Fowl(Disney+). Jeff also watched the very well done, very important documentary about the Olympic gymnastics team and the sexual abuse that took place in Athlete A (Netflix).

Patrick talks about possible alternate realities in The Mandela Effect (Hulu) and the courtroom drama Clemency (Hulu).

Trailers discussed:

Impractical Jokers:The Movie/ The Banker

This week Patrick talks about The Banker (Apple TV) and Overdrive (Hulu).

Jeff talks about watching Impractical Jokers: The Movie (Redbox), as well as Spies In Disguise (Redbox) with his daughter Gracyn. Jeff also watched on iTunes $.99 rentals Gemini, and Charlies Angels. Finally, Jeff talks about the rom-com from Netflix, Love Wedding Repeat.

Trailers discussed:

Guest Chad Paetznick from Sunday Music Podcast

This week we welcome guest Chad Paetznick from Sunday Music Soapbox podcast. Chad shares some stories about being a background actor on some popular shows. Chad shares his thoughts on watching Mystify: Michael Hutchence (Hulu) and Troop Zero (Amazon Prime).

Patrick talks about The Hate You Give and rewatching Star Wars (Episodes 1-3).

Jeff talks about watching Wild Rose (on Hulu) and Da 5 Bloods (Netflix).

Trailers discussed:

Abbott and Costello Movies/Rafiki/Waves

This week Jeff pays tribute his grandfather, John Hulse, who passed away by talking about some his favorite Abbott and Costello movies. He also puts his two cents in on Just Mercy. Patrick talks about Rafiki and Waves.

Jeff and his grandfather, John Hulse.

Spaceship Earth/Atone

This week we discuss the crazy documentary Spaceship Earth and the lovely documentary Bluebird about the Nashville landmark, The Bluebird Cafe. Patrick watched the cheaper version of a Fast and Furious movie called Fast and Fierce: Death Race. He also watched a poorly edited movie called Atone.

Trailers discussed:

The Lovebirds/The House in Between

This week the guys discuss the comedy The Lovebirds now Available on Netflix. Jeff talks about the documentary The House in Between, and Patrick talks about the weird movie The Cleanse as well as the not so impressive movie Making A Killing. Jeff also puts his two cents in on Fantasy Island and discusses how similar it is to the first live action Scooby-Doo movie from 2002.

Trailers discussed:

Scoob!/Good Times

This week Jeff talks about the recent digital release of Scoob! He also covers the romantic movie The Lost Husband and puts his two cents in on Bloodshot.

Patrick talks about the Safdie Brothers movie Good Times starring Robert Pattinson. Patrick also watched the less than stellar Mary starring Gary Oldman and the absolutely bonkers Nicholas Cage movie Mom and Dad.

Movie Trailers discussed:

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