CATS/ The Trial of the Chicago 7 / Bad Hair

This week we talk about our final Halloween Watch Party, CATS. Jeff talks about The Trial of the Chicago 7, as well as the remake of the 1940 Hitchcock classic Rebecca. Jeff also covers the Borat movie as well. Patrick covers the Netflix thriller/horror that is Rattlesnake as well as the Hulu horror/comedy Bad Hair. […]

Hubie Halloween / Black Box / American Murder: The Family Next Door

This week we talk about our watch party viewing of Hubie Halloween. Jeff talks about his family movie night viewing of Race to Witch Mountain. Jeff also talks about watching Netflix’s latest crime documentary, American Murder: The Family Next Door as well as the Hulu UFO documentary, Unacknowledged. Patrick talks about two new Blumhouse produced […]

VelociPastor / The Social Dilemma / The Platform

This week we talk about our watch party viewing of VelociPastor. Jeff also talks about his family movie night viewing of Work It. Jeff also talked about the amazing and relevant Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, as well as the comedy/horror movie Slaughterhouse Rulez. Patrick talks about the Netflix horror movies The Platform and Circle. […]

Vampires Vs the Bronx / Welcome to Sudden Death/ Class Action Park

This week we talk about our watch party viewing of Vampires vs the Bronx. Patrick talks about his viewing of Welcome to Sudden Death on Netflix as well as revisiting the Van Damme original Sudden Death. Jeff talks about the family movie night viewing of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Jeff also discusses the […]

Enola Holmes/ Audition/The China Syndrome

This week we investigate Netflix’s new movie Enola Holmes. Patrick discusses the creepy Japanese horror film Audition (1999). Jeff talks about watching The Game Plan from 2007 staring Dwayne Johnson. Jeff also talks about a couple of movies he has revisited this week. Trailers discussed:

The Devil All The Time/The Babysitter/The Babysitter: Killer Queen

For this week we talk about three movies available on Netflix. The first movie we talk about is the dark and brilliantly acted The Devil All The Time. Then we discuss The horror comedy The Babysitter. We then obviously had to watch the sequel that was just released, The Babysitter: Killer Queen which we both […]

Bill and Ted Face The Music with Two Dollar Late Fee podcast

This week Patrick and Jeff hop into a phone booth and swing by the Circle K in LA and pick Zak and Dustin from Two Dollar Late Fee podcast, and go back to the 80’s to talk about Bill and Ted Face The Music. We also discuss some great 80’s soundtracks. Give it a listen. […]

Mulan/ The One and Only Ivan/Get Duked!

This week we have a lot to talk about. Patrick discusses the Disney+ Premium release of the live action Mulan as well as the wild ride that is Guns Akimbo (Amazon Prime) starring Daniel Radcliff. Lastly, Patrick talks about the Chadwick Boseman led Message From The King (Netflix). Jeff talks about the Danny Trejo documentary, […]

Lucky Grandma and interview with director Sasie Sealy

This week we add an episode we originally were going to release two weeks ago, but do to technical issues we had to reschedule the interview so we are now dropping two this week. Patrick talks about the tragedy that is The Tax Collector. Then Jeff and Patrick both talk about the Spike Lee produced […]

The Sleepover with director Trish Sie

This week we welcome back our returning guest, Trish Sie, to talk about her latest movie, The Sleepover available now on Netflix. This movie is the perfect family movie. It is fun, funny has some great acting by a young cast. If you enjoyed 80’s movies with kids as the lead cast like Adventures in […]

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