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Wolfwalkers / The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

This week the guys have a fun filled episode with some great choices for family movie night. They also talk about the latest episode of The Falcon and Winter Soldier. The guys discuss Apple TV+ series Calls which they both really enjoyed.

Jeff talks about the family film Over the Moon (Oscar nominated). Jeff also talks about this week’s family movie night choice, Wolfwalkers (Oscar nominated). Both kids really loved the movie.

This week Patrick talks about the true life tale turned into a movie The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. Patrick also puts his “two cents” in on the Netflix Rom-Com, Always Be My Maybe. Lastly, Patrick talks about the new Amazon Prime animated series Invincible based on the Comic Book series of the same name.

Trailers discussed:

Published by Parental Advisory Movie Podcast

A movie podcast where two dads, Patrick and Jeff, talk about movies that they watch with their kids, as well as movies that they watch with out them.

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