Hustlers/Rambo:Last Blood

Here are the trailers of the movies we talked about on this episode as well as the trailers for upcoming movies. Also, here is the picture that my son, Yorick, drew for me that I talked about on the episode:

Here are the trailers that we discussed:

IT:Chapter 2/Don’t Let Go

Today the guys welcome guest Tyvon Gentry AKA “T.G.” to talk about movies and about his new album that drops on Tuesday, September 10th. We are talking IT:Chapter 2 and Don’t Let Go.

New trailers:

Tyvon’s video for his new EP-ME

The Angry Movies Episode

This week the guys saw movies in which the central theme is anger. We have Angry Sharks, Angry Women, “Good Boys”?, Angry Birds and an Angry Manson. That’s right, Patrick talks about 47 Meters Down:Uncaged, The Kitchen, Good Boys. Jeff talks about The Angry Birds Movie 2 and both discuss Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Plus, what’s new, and new trailers. Patrick seeks revenge on Jeff by having him play a game where he has to guess which Fonda (Henry, Peter or Bridget) was in the movie. Don’t forget to listen and subscribe. Hit us up on the Facebook Fan Page.

Trailers for movies discussed:

Trailers for Upcoming movies:

Hobbs & Shaw

Episode Notes / Trailers from movies talked about.

In this episode, we talked about the Hobbs and Shaw aka Axe body spray-the movie. Jeff talks about taking his daughter to see The Lion King. Patrick talks about how watching Hobbs and Shaw in 4D made him wet. Patrick also talks about Yesterday, Them That Follow. Jeff briefly talks about watching the classics Easy Rider, and The Gold Rush.


New Trailers:

“Lions, Gators and teens oh my! “/ Fresh Genie of Agrabah and the existential crisis toys

This episode we have several movies to discuss. Patrick was lucky enough to see the grown up movies , Crawl, The Lion King, and Booksmart . Jeff was playing catch up taking the kids to the movies. He took them to see Toy Story 4, and Aladdin.

With Rutger Hauer’s passing this week, Jeff sees of Patrick gets him (Hauer) confused with Dennis Hopper by playing a game “Was it Hauer or Hopper?”


Spider-man: Far From Home/Midsommar

Web heads and flower heads epidsode

Here is a link to a great article that delves more into the symbolism and easter eggs that you may or may not have caught when watching the movie.

If you liked Midsommar I would recommend checking out the movie The Ritual on Netflix. It is about four friends hiking in the woods in Sweeden and coming across some weird stuff. I meant to talk about this movie during the episode, but forgot about it until after we finished recording.



Welcome to the Parental Advisory Movie Podcast. We are happy for everyone to join us on this adventure. Our goal is to talk about movies that we have seen with our kids as well as movies we are able to see without our kids as well. Both Patrick and I enjoy going to the movies and we both love being parents. We will share our thoughts on movies, both good, bad and indifferent as well as movies we’ve taken our kids to see that we have agreed to take them to see as well as movies we may have taken them too that we have no interest in.

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