In this special episode, I (Patrick was on assignment…at work) was joined via Skype with awesome ladies from The Strange South Podcast to discuss the craziness that was the documentary “Wrinkles The Clown.”

I first met Marleah and Patrice when I was at PodX (podcasting festival) in Nashville back in the Spring. I watched them do a live performance of their show and afterwards talk to them.

If you are curious about what The Strange South Podcast is about he is a copy of their disclaimer that they read before the beginning of every episode:

“This podcast is NOT for children & NSFW.If you are looking for a clean, sober, professional, academic, well-researched, historically-accurate, generally-accurate, serious podcast on Southern folklore.
THIS IS *NOT* THAT PODCAST. If you have decided you can live with that….then you have come to the right place! Listen (strong language warning) as we swap unusual, bizarre, creepy, and uniquely Southern stories, personal and historical, from three-legged ghosts to female serial killers and Appalachian UFOs. And the occasional chipmunk runs amok.”

I have stayed in touch with them since and had tossed around the idea that we should do an episode together. After I had watched the Wrinkles the Clown documentary, I mentioned on their Facebook Fan page, Fans of the Strange South Podcast, that I had watched this creepy and strange documentary and then posted the trailer for the movie. Marleah thought that we should talk about it on this podcast. So, the next thing that we needed to do was schedule a time. That time was Thursday, November 8th. After some chit chat , mostly by me because I was a little nervous and excited, we delved into a SPOILER HEAVY discussion about the movie. After we discussed the movie, I asked them some questions relating to what their relationships with movies were growing up and then ending with what their experiences have been like watching movies with their kids.

I had an absolute blast. I am very thankful and full of gratitude that they agreed to share their time with me to record. I hope you all have as much fun listening to this episode as I did making this episode.

Please take time to listen to my friends at The Strange South Podcast. It is so much fun and so entertaining to listen to. You can find The Strange South Podcast on all platforms. Here are the links to their social media:


Facebook: The Strange South Podcast/Also, Fans Of The Strange South Podcast

Instragram: thestrangesouthpodcast

twitter: @thestrangesouthpodcast

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A movie podcast where two dads, Patrick and Jeff, talk about movies that they watch with their kids, as well as movies that they watch with out them.

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